10 trends in 3d printing

The year 2018 is coming to an end, and the 3D printing industry is still accumulating thin and thin. After a calm year, I think this situation may change in the future. Let’s look forward to the development trend of the industry in 2019:56

1. The term “3D printing” will gradually fade away, or even disappear in the future, because this emerging manufacturing technology will eventually become part of digital manufacturing and digital economy and become the core foundation by combining with artificial intelligence, VR, big data, Internet +, block chain and other technologies.

2. 3D printing services will rapidly differentiate into two directions: one is specialization, and the other is to provide efficient solutions in depth in combination with the industry; One is the scale, a large number of equipment, high volume production efficiency. Because that’s the only way to live.

3. Automation, Internet +. This requires the equipment provider to focus on the direction of research and development of a one-stop printing finished products, especially the automation of post-processing, which is the key to the success of equipment manufacturers; In addition, the entire industrial chain will be deeply integrated with the Internet, including 3D printing software vendors, service providers, equipment vendors and material vendors. High efficiency, low cost and individualization are important factors in the construction of future factories.

4. Broken metal 3D printing technology. There are two aspects here. One is that the global 3D printing giants will launch rapid metal 3D printing technology, which will solve the problem of slow metal 3D printing. Second, domestic 3D printing leaders will quickly follow up and launch more mature domestic metal 3D printing equipment, which will solve the problem that metal 3D printing is too expensive. All in all, metal 3D printing will be cheaper and more efficient in 2019, which will have a great impact on the industry.

5. Mass production trend. 3D printing technology currently solves the problem of personalized customization, while the core demand of traditional manufacturing industry is batch personalized production, which puts forward higher requirements for technology iteration. In fact, equipment manufacturers all over the world are setting mass production as the next research and development goal.

6. Variety and deepening of printing materials. This is determined by the needs of the end customer, which used to be mainly about proofing and product verification, but now mainly about finished products and mass production. Therefore, customers have precise requirements on the physical and chemical properties of printing parts, which requires the attention of material manufacturers, including the requirements on material changes for 4D or even 5D printing in the future.

7. More professional talents. Technological change and industry development will eliminate a large number of unsuitable and speculative people and leave more specialized talents. Many colleges and universities at home and abroad have also added majors related to 3D printing, which will continuously cultivate young and energetic talents for the 3D printing industry and provide intellectual guarantee for the development of the industry.

8. Gradual recognition of capital. As the dividend of consumption Internet fades, the capital will gradually calm down. From the perspective of mentality, more value investment will be made. From the perspective of trend, To B is indeed the general trend, and 3D printing industry occupies the core advantage. Perhaps 2019 is the first year of investment in 3D printing.

9. Global competition pattern. This is a problem that most 3D printing enterprises in China have largely ignored. Even a small service provider will be affected by globalization, such as price and customers. A trade war between China and the United States will actually accelerate the globalization of domestic enterprises and face the competition from foreign enterprises earlier. Therefore, it is very important to have a global perspective and pattern.

10, speed up the shuffle process. In the context of current trends, 2019 May be eliminated more than half of existing 3 d printing enterprise, completely change the domestic small and scattered state, 3 d printing industry or closure, merging, transformation, to professional and large-scale way is inevitable, but at the same time, also can have the stronger traditional enterprises to enter, this means that the threshold of the 3 d printing industry will be more and more high.

It is not easy for enterprises to survive in 2018. Let’s toast and cheer for 2019

Post time: Jan-04-2019

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